Construction Management

We understand that the delivery of high-quality construction services requires that we work hand in hand with contracting personnel to build a cohesive team inclusive of the Prime Contractor, subcontractors, client representatives, end user groups, and other project stakeholders.

Pre-construction, a period in which critical decisions are made related to quality, cost, and time, will determine the spirit of the project. The pre-construction services provided by our firm involve qualified construction professionals, senior cost estimators, construction managers, project schedulers, and quality/safety personnel. Our ability to work in a collaborative team environment with the client, architect, engineers, and local trades results in a successful planning phase.

Our firm’s effective management strategies evolved out of years of lessons learned throughout project life cycles. Our project management system incorporates principles recommended by the Project Management Institute (PMI), a leading developer of professional standards for project management. Documented project management processes and procedures are utilized by LGC to plan, manage, monitor, and deliver successful projects.

LGC’s quality control (QC) and health/safety (H&S) programs are managed by certified and dedicated employees who report to corporate QC and safety directors. This structure keeps a separate line of reporting, bypassing the authority of field foremen and superintendents, to ensure clean and authentic oversight for quality and safety.

Effective use of a broad set of project management resources and tools allows LGC to successfully manage each project’s costs, schedule, quality, and associated risks and ultimately deliver projects meeting and/or exceeding client expectations.